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Travel Bride Series: Four breasts. One dress. Is This A Problem?

September 26th, 2007 · No Comments

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So there I am standing in Lucy’s Alteration & Dressmaking Shop for the second time, staring straight on at my wedding-dressed self in the mirror thinking I look quite lovely. I turn around, raising my arms up like chicken wings as Lucy weaves the ribbon in criss-crosses across my exposed back. She finishes, I lower my arms, and there they are…BACK BREASTS! It’s gotten so out of hand I’ve considered getting Breast Augmentation in Manhattan, NY.

My question of “where does body fat go when it’s cinched into a corset” has been answered. Like cream, it rises to the top. Then is spills over and flops down over the white fabric and crystal beading to look like a second pair of breasts. Maybe not as fine as the ones in front (hell-yeah!). And maybe nipple-less, as men’s should be. But there they are just the same. Breasty.

Turns out the dress didn’t have as much fabric to let out as Lucy originally thought. It appears that the photo shoot people clipped the ample seams about every inch or so down the line, probably so they would lie flat for the model and not look puckered. That’s all well and good for her, but I’ve got 3 1/2 weeks until my flight takes off and I’m unaware of how to work out the fat above my shoulder blades.

Thankfully, before I can burst into tears, Lucy makes me feel like there are still a few options. I’m not wise enough in the ways of dress construction to really understand all that she’s proposing, but I put my faith in her that it’ll all turn out alright. She has a fantastic reputation and an optimistic demeanor. And really, what choice do I have?

Actually, I do have one choice. Romantic Weddings, the company I’ve contracted with in Bali to take care of all the wedding minutia that I have discovered I loathe, has their own bridal boutique (more info here). That means I can rent a dress at last minute if my impending lipo appointment fails to produce the desired results. Sure, it’ll cost me extra. Sure, I already have $345 invested in this dress and I think it’s beautiful and I’d hate not to be able to wear it. Sure, I’ll have carted a wedding dress with me 3,000 miles away only to have to cart it back unworn. But, knowing there’s a backup plan gives me the strength to hoist myself up onto Lucy’s dressing box in order for her to concentrate on less controversial topics, such as the hem.

So, will it fit? Will I have to pay for Photoshop classes for a budding Balinese photographer? Or will I have I have to keep my shoulders shrugged during the entire Balinese Blessing ceremony as though I’m unsure of my commitment to Travel Boyfriend? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

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