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The Travel Bride Series: The Perfect Wedding Dress Is A Free Wedding Dress

September 21st, 2007 · No Comments

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Having just returned from Egypt newly engaged, I’m driving in the car with one of my best girlfriends. She asks me what kind of wedding dress I think I’d like. I tell her strapless with a back that crisscrosses like a corset.

“Oh my god,” she exclaims. “I’ve got that EXACT dress in my closet at home.”

Lots of questions pop into my head. Questions like, “Huh?” and “Why does my single friend have a random wedding dress shoved in her closet?”

The answer is that she is an art director and after one of her photo shoots, the stylist offered to let her keep it.

“It’s got a few grass stains,” she explains. “But I figured I’d get it dry cleaned and try to sell it or something. It’s a great dress.”

Hmmm, the thought of a free dress is tempting. But I don’t get my hopes up too high seeing as how I’m not photo-shoot-model sized and somewhere in the description, my friend mentioned the word lace.

When we get to her apartment, she rummages through her closet removing a pile of board games and random knickknacks from atop a crinkled clear plastic bag. Inside is the dress. She takes it out and it’s beautiful.

“I thought you said there was lace,” I inquire.

“Lace, beading, same thing.”

For an art director, she’s apparently not hung up on attention to detail. Satisfied this might just work out, and ignoring her suggestion that I drive home in the dress to freak out Travel Boyfriend, I grab the bag and leave in my street clothes.

Once home, TB is as surprised as I am. Before we both get too excited though, I try it on. The dress is two sizes too small, but because the back is corset-like, it’s forgiving.

“It’s beautiful,” Travel Boyfriend says. (Yes, he saw me in it. Get over it.)

I agree to its beauty and naively feel comforted by the fact that the wedding is over a year away and I have plenty of time to engage in a slimming regimen.

Pleased as punch with my good fortune, I take off the dress and shove it into my own closet. Then I head to the kitchen for a snack (I’ll start that slimming regimen tomorrow). I open the freezer and spy a one-pound bag of bacon bits I’d bought from Costco many months ago and promptly forgotten about.

Wow, this day can’t possibly get any better.

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