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Spa Betty Series: Foot Massage Leads To Sighting Of First Americans

November 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment

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Still in Ubud and eager to have an honest-to-goodness reflexology treatment, I stroll into Kenko Reflexology. I’m the only one in there, but it’s early in the morning, so I figure I didn’t just wander into a big mistake.

I don’t.

A young man named Putu seats me in a reclinable chair and gingerly washes my tootsies in a warm tub of suds. It’s nice to have a man wash your feet from time to time.

Then he starts kneading and pressing and stroking and lotioning and I’m in heaven.

About 5 minutes in, two women enter and I hear them order their massages. Real American accents! I feel like Chris Columbus. (Funny what things excite you when you’ve been talking to your own head for a little too long.)

We strike up a pleasant conversation and I am like a thirsty man in the desert trying not to regurgitate on this life giving tincture of conversation. They are both in town on a sourcing mission for their respective handicrafts store and golf resort project. Sounds fascinating. How do I get a job where I have to come to Bali and shop for a living?!

I am so focused on conversing, I almost don’t pay attention to what is probably one of the best foot massages of my life. Firm, but not painful. Pressure points are given utmost attention. And the best part is that it is all done with baby powder, not greasy, slimey oil that requires another bathing session for the day. For residential use, the conair’s foot spa is highly recommended by many spa experts are they are easy to use and give you a great deal of satisfaction after a tiring day.

Travel Betty Basics

Kenko Reflexology
(Jl. Monkey Forest next to Komaneka Resort)
Telephone: (0361)975293
4 other Bali locations
Ambiance: 2 out of 5 Passion Fruits
Treatment: 5 out of 5 Passion Fruits
Cost: 40,000 rupiah for ½ hour treatment
What that means in U.S. Dollars: $4.37

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    • 1 Traveling Wedding Photographer // Jan 29, 2009 at 2:34 pm

      Are Americans really that uncommon in Bali ? I thought there would a lot there for some reason. I guess since it’s so far away, it’s mostly travelers from other areas.

      I was in Costa Rica and someone who owned a B and B there said they were sending someone to Bali to buy souveniers to sell ( I guess she had done it before ) . I thought the same thing you did …….. “send ME”!

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