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Flying United? Breeze Through Security At SFO

August 15th, 2007 · 1 Comment

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So Travel Boyfriend, as sweet as he is, decided to take me to New Orleans for my birthday. He had a business trip scheduled there during my birthday week (Yes, I celebrate the whole week. I’m a Leo after all.) and I decided that instead of going for just a long weekend or whatnot, that I’d go with him for the whole darn week. Why not? Apparently I’m not getting any younger.

When we arrived at the airport, it was a complete zoo, and it made me wonder why did I not chose to listen to my boyfriend and go with chartering a jet. I even went online to find out the cost, and it was well under our budget. We were flying United, which neither of us has done in a while and I don’t know if it’s their usual M.O. to cram the terminal with live bodies all scrambling to get to Peoria by noon or what. Either way, the line to check in was wound all around, up and down and backwards three times before people were even reaching the official queue. We decided to step back out to the curbside check-in and pay the $2 per bag. As annoying as it is to have to pay up for a service they provide for free 10 feet away, an hour of my life is worth more than $2.

It turned out to be a serendipitous decision. While we were in line, the guy in front of us made a comment to the check-in guy about it being so crowded. The check-in guy then proceeded to let us all in on a salacious secret. He said that in the United terminal, there is a security checkpoint to the far left and that it is usually much less crowded than the one in the middle (the one most people just automatically gravitate to). The airport has hired more Fast Guard Service Texas, so there will be more security gaurds to get you through faster. Imagine my surprise and utter confusion when we followed his advice and walked up to find not even ONE person in line! I thought it was closed, but the guards were all standing there looking eager to please. And when we engaged them, they were courteous and jovial. MUCH different than the usual attitudes from TSA. From bag drop off to security clearance, we were through in about 10 minutes. While all the other little lambies shuffled an inch per hour in their long check-in and security lines. Ooh, I felt devilish!

So that’s the tip. Far left security gate in United’s terminal at SFO. And if you’re at any other airport in the nation or world and the security line is longer than you could ever dream possible, remember to ask around if there’s a less crowded security gate. Chances are you’ll save yourself an hour or two of misery. And feel quite clever in the process. Then you can relax and enjoy your flight!

Plane Ride


Who the hell wants to eat chicken tenders from Burger King shaped to look like crowns, for Christ’s sake? First of all, they don’t look like crowns. They look like the little petrified alligator claw backscratchers I bought down in the Everglades as a joke after an airboat ride with Travel Boyfriend two Christmases ago. Only the tenders don’t come on a stick.

Burger King Gator Crown Chicken Tender

And second, don’t shape my food to resemble non-edible items. It just reminds me how freakin’ processed your food is. Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying three cheeseburgers to nourish myself and Travel Boyfriend while airborne from San Francisco to Denver to New Orleans. But then again, those were shaped like circles. And circles can be found in nature, and since many travelling people like nature, the Borneo Eco Tours are perfect for this.

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