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Citizen Travel Betty To The Rescue In New Orleans

August 23rd, 2007 · No Comments

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After a third night of watching the melodious Mike Hood perform at our favorite bar in New Orleans, Travel Boyfriend and I attempt to stumble back to our apartment. It is then that I see the craziest fucking thing ever (and not in a good way).

There is a guy walking down the street perpendicular to ours. I don’t hear him say anything and I don’t see him do anything, but suddenly a car screeches to a stop right next to him. It’s a cop car, I  always get nervous with the police, even for a quick police check wa.  The cop jumps out and approaches the man in a pretty aggressive way. He’s a lot bigger than the pedestrian and is posturing like he wants to start something. At this point, I realize this isn’t going to go well for the non-cop.

Next thing I know, the police officer smacks the guy in the back of the head. The guy goes flying forward, but remains on his feet. Then the cop pushes him and throws him to the ground. Not being able to hear exactly what is going on (and having consumed a fair amount of alcohol), I can’t tell if this is justified. It seems damn brutal, especially since the guy isn’t fighting back. In fact, all I can hear the pedestrian say once he’s down is, “I’m going to call my lawyer,” and “Can you at least give me one of my smokes?”

(He’s obviously drunker than I am)

I keep playing what I just saw through my head trying to access the sober part of my brain for clarification that this is fucked up. Deciding better safe than sorry, I pull out my video camera. If the cop has just chased down an actual scofflaw and is in the right, my video won’t matter. If he’s in the wrong, then he deserves to have his actions captured on film. It seems like the right thing to do.

I stand there for a good 30 seconds or so shooting as the cop roughs up the guy a bit more and finally cuffs him. Then about 7 or 8 backup cars scream onto the scene all at once. Travel Boyfriend says we should get out of there so I turn off the camera and we rush back to the apartment where I get a chance to review my footage…

Moral of the story?

When intoxicated, pay special attention to which button is ‘Record’ and which button is ‘Stop.’

More to the story?

I just read this interesting article today on, Deadly Lockdown In New Orleans. Now I’m even more frustrated that I didn’t capture the incident.

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