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Travel Betty Makes Universal Discovery In Los Angeles

September 24th, 2007 · No Comments

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Unless you are blind, or Corey Hart, wearing sunglasses while dining in a restaurant in the evening does not make you cool. It makes you a total douchebag.

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Travel Betty Gets Suckered Into A Meme

July 9th, 2007 · 2 Comments

My friend Greg tagged me and while I don’t usually go in for these chain-mailish type shenanigans, he is a good blog buddie and old co-worker. Through this desperate plea for attention, I have gathered that he has few pleasures in life. It would be cruel to ignore the signs. And so here I have [...]

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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi And The Burma Travel Debate

May 31st, 2007 · No Comments

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is the democratically elected leader of Burma and Nobel Peace Prize recipient who has spent most of the past 17 years under house arrest. Even under these conditions, she works diligently to ensure that democratic rule is once again restored to her country. One of the ways she suggests helping [...]

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What Would Make YOU Hop A Plane To Bali?

May 30th, 2007 · 11 Comments

Travel Betty: We’ve GOT to go to Bali. Travel Boyfriend: You just want that pig. Betty (drooling): So? Did you see it? It was succulent. It’s swabbed in coconut milk for an entire six hours as it rotates over an open fire. Did you see the crispy skin? Imagine what that tastes like! Boyfriend: Yeah, [...]

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Travel Betty Makes Startling Discovery At Friend’s Pig Party In Seattle, Washington

May 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment

When it comes to expressing her adoration for pork, Travel Betty exhibits no shame. Follow-up discovery: This may be unwise.

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First And Last Trip Photos: Egypt

May 27th, 2007 · 5 Comments

I love when someone’s trip photos really capture the essence of a place and give a story about that particular person’s journey. However, I’ve noticed that usually the first picture I shoot is pretty random (and lame!). It’s just something to get me started and get me used to my camera again. Rarely is it [...]

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Travel To Egypt. Is It Safe?

May 26th, 2007 · 17 Comments

Before I left on my trip, literally every single person I told that I was going to Egypt asked me if I thought it was safe. I would reply that although it was true that Egypt has been unfortunate enough to have had some recent terrorist attacks, so has Bali, England, Spain and the United [...]

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Travel Betty Makes Groundbreaking Discovery In Egypt’s Finest Hotels

May 15th, 2007 · 1 Comment

If there is a surface, it will be gilded.

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100 % Egyptian Cotton: Bath Towel Artisans of the Middle East

April 23rd, 2007 · No Comments

The true craftsmen of bed, bath and beyond reside in Egypt. It isn’t that their towels are extra super fluffy (they’re not). Or that their sheets have high thread counts (I never bothered to check). What I mean is that the country is full of people who can shape linens into an unimaginable array of [...]

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Travel Betty’s Reasons For Skipping the Buffet Line on a Cruise Ship

April 15th, 2007 · No Comments

1. I have no willpower. Where I can usually fix a portion-controlled meal for myself, buffets access a carnal area of my brainstem causing me to feast, lest I endure famine. 2. The food sucks, typically. Even though I am not enjoying the uncooked beans, the wet, flavorless chicken parts and bones, or the dry [...]

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